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I scour the web and hand-pick the most impactful resources for bloggers and online business owners, delivering them in one clear email every Friday. ClarityList is designed to give you a stress-free way to become a better business owner, every week.

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“I need a Donnie!” When I talk to my online business friends about how Donnie and my business works, that phrase inevitably pops out of their mouth at least once. Donnie is the entrepreneurial-minded partner I needed to balance out my creative brain. He is constantly learning and has an uncanny ability to foresee the “next big thing” before other people even realize it exists. With Donnie’s ClarityList, everyone can now benefit from the same type of current, valuable, brilliantly curated articles that he has been learning from and implementing to grow our own online business.

Abby Lawson,

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